Moving is a challenge. By hiring us, you have the assurance of being in good hands.


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Doma Moving & Storage d/b/a Bernard Movers offers the highest quality moving services.
Our twenty years of experience allow us to ensure an efficient, smooth, and safe move
- in the Chicagoland area
- in the entire state of Illinois
- to and from other states
- to Europe
Each move is individually prepared and a plan of action is tailored to the needs and lifestyle of our clients. We are prepared for moves with a predetermined schedule, but we also specialize in short-notice day-to-day moves.

Doma Moving & Storage d/b/a Bernard Movers provides a variety of services in moving starting from packaging all of the transported household items, including the most delicate and precious. We package your things, treating them as if they were our own. For packaging, we use cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, protective blankets, straps to secure goods in the truck, etc. During transit, your clothes are protected by special box wardrobes so that they safely arrive at your new place. Furniture is wrapped in material that protects it from scratches. Delicate items like mirrors, paintings, sculpture, porcelain, electronic equipment, and glass are packed in cardboard boxes with polystyrene foam. This is how secured items are packed in the vehicle and transported to the new location. We possess modern equipment that allows us to safely transport antiques, televisions, and heavy items like pianos. Upon delivering your things to the new location, we will help you unpack them, as well, and you can put everything where you like so that you can feel at home from the very first moment.

In moving all of your possessions and belongings with a moving company, you entrust that company with not just your things, but with many years of your hard work, priceless mementos, and dreams come true. That's why you need to make sure all you've amassed is safe. Doma Moving & Storage offers this comfort of a sense of security that your transported wealth is under the protection of our insurance, licensing, and financial security. Doma is a member of the Illinois Movers' Association and the Illinois Commerce Commission, and our status can be checked on the websites of the Better Business Bureau. We also have a license accredited by Senior Movers. The safety of the transported by us property of our customers is our first priority.

For those of you who are planning to store your things for a certain period of time, we offer a place in our monitored, insured warehouse.
Warehousing is also the ideal solution for those moving to Europe. For these people, we have foreseen the possibility of temporary consolidation and warehousing of property and then its shipment to Europe.